Cima Web Mail

Cima Web Mail is a fast, simple, user-friendly way to access your e-mail.


Cima Web Mail

Web mail is an e-mail service, intended to be primarily accessed via a web browser. A major advantage of web-based e-mail over application-based e-mail is that users have the ability to access their inbox from any internet-connected computer around the world.


Cima web mail has all the functions necessary to manage and work with your e-mails:

  • read your e-mails,
  • create and send new e-mails,
  • creation of folders to easy manage your e-mails, etc.

Cima works easier and faster with mailboxes containing more than 10.000 emails, compared to other web mail systems. The comparison chart to some of the existing web mail systems will be available soon. Cima loads more than 20.000 emails very fast, while other web mail systems won't work at all.