m2Work Hackathon 2012

On September 15-16, 2012 Enterprise Incubator Foundation in the frames of mLab ECA, with the support of infoDev organized the first-ever  m2Work Hackathon which took place in 4 mLabs and 1mHub of 5 countries: Armenia - mLab ECA, Kenya- mLab Eastern Africa,  South Africa - mLab Southern Africa, Vietnam - mLab East Asia, Nepal - mHub Nepal.

Earlier this year, m2Work Challenge launched, which yielded almost 1000 ideas on how to create jobs that people anywhere can do on their mobile phones. m2Work Hackathon was the next phase to bring those ideas to life. 


The m2Work Hackathon aims to:

  1. Shape promising m2work ideas into mobile application prototypes;            
  2. Bolster other prototype mobile microwork applications that qualify for pre-incubation support at infoDev’s Mobile Application Labs (mLabs), and      
  3. Increase awareness for the job-creating potential of mobile microwork in developing countries.