Hackathon [YAN] Yerevan 2011 competition

Hackathon [YAN] Yerevan 2011 competition will take place from 17 to 18 December, 2011 at Yerevan municipality.

Hackathon [YAN] Yerevan 2011 is a contest-festival of innovative ideas and projects aimed at solving the problems existing in Yerevan, through the use of new technologies and projects encouraging user engagement (web sites, mobile applications, etc).


Yerevan Hackathon[YAN] Contest 2011 will start on 17 December and will last 24 hours. The teams will have to publicly present their platforms, applications and web sites to the panel on December 18.

The contest has been initiated by Microsoft Innovation Center in Armenia and Public Journalism Club NGO, as a branch of the US-based Hacks/Hackers organization.